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Government spends on projects such as road construction in rural areas and not a book distribution in urban areas, impacting people's daily lives how
a) Redistributing Income
b) None of these
c) Affecting Resource Allocation
d) Competing with the Private Sector

In higher education, public and private colleges are an example of how government spending can impact individuals daily lives in which of the following...
a) Resource Allocation
b) None of these
c) Competing with the Private Sector
d) Redistribution of Income

The ideal federal budget for a country would be a...
a) budget surplus
b) balanced budget
c) federal budget
d) budget deficit

In general, government makes two broad kinds of expenditures...
a) one being the purchase of goods and services and the second being a transfer payment.
b) one being Medicare and the other being Medicaid.
c) one being defense spending and the other being welfare.
d) one being necessary and the other being unnecessary.

The national debt is currently over
a) 5 Billion dollars
b) 16 Trillion dollars
c) 1 Trillion
d) 10 Million dollars

All are examples of discretionary spending except which of the following
a) Education
b) Military
c) Interest on debt owed
d) Space Exploration (NASA)

All are examples of mandatory spending except which of the following
a) Medicare
b) Medicaid
c) Social Security
d) Education

Who reimburses the doctors and hospitals when individuals on Medicaid can't afford the services they receive from the clinics and hospitals
a) Private Insurance Companies
b) No one
c) Their employer
d) The government

The government generate revenue to pay for all their expenses by...
a) taxing its citizens
b) Sell its goods and services
c) Investing in the stock market
d) Selling gold

Other than a short time in the late 1990's and early 2000's (under President Clinton), the country has been operating at a...
a) budget equilibrium
b) budget surplus
c) balanced budget
d) budget deficit

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