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The kinetic energy of an object increases as its _____ increases
a) specific heat
b) potential energy
c) velocity
d) height

A slanted surface used to raise an object is a(n)
a) inclined plane
b) screw
c) effort ramp
d) efficiency board

A bar that is free to pivot about a fixed point is a
a) fulcrum
b) wedge
c) lever
d) ramp

The work output of a machine compared to the work input is the _____ of the machine.
a) effort
b) power
c) resistance
d) efficiency

The unit of power is the
a) joule
b) MA
c) watt
d) second

Which of the following CANNOT be done by a simple machine?
a) change the direction of a force
b) decrease the amount of work done
c) decrease the time it takes to do work
d) transfer energy from one location to another

How much work is done on an object that is moved 10 m with a force of 2 N?
a) 50 J
b) 5 J
c) 20 J
d) 2 J

An inclined plane wrapped around a cylindrical post is a
a) wedge
b) screw
c) block and tackle
d) lever

An arrangement of pulleys designed to reduce the effort force is called a
a) simple pulley
b) fixed pulley
c) moveable pulley
d) block and tackle

Potential energy because of height above Earth’s surface is called _____ potential energy.
a) kinetic
b) chemical
c) mechanical
d) gravitational

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