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Basalt a fine-grained igneous rock formed
a) at the surface where it cooled quickly
b) between sedimentary rock layers
c) deep inside the Earth where it cooled slowly
d) between folded metamorphic rock layers

The surface area of a 6-sided cube that measures 3 inches tall and 3 inches wide on one face is
a) 54
b) 27
c) 9
d) 36

Granite has a coarse-grained texture. What does this tell you about it's rate of cooling?
a) it cooled slowly inside the Earth
b) it cooled quickly inside the Earth
c) it cooled slowly outside the Earth
d) it cooled quickly outside the Earth

Which rock is used in soap as an abrasive?
a) pumice
b) obsidian
c) limestone
d) sandstone

What two gases make up the gas giants?
a) hydrogen and helium
b) methane and helium
c) hydrogen and nitrogen
d) methane and hydrogen

What is the volume of an irregular object if it is placed in 130 mL of water and the water rises to 160 mL.
a) 30 mL
b) 160 mL
c) 130 mL
d) 190 mL

What are the two most abundant elements in the Earth's crust?
a) silicon and oxygen
b) hydrogen and helium
c) quartz and feldspar
d) nitrogen and oxygen

The mineral gypsum is used in which of the following building materials?
a) drywall board
b) window glass
c) plastic pipes
d) kitchen countertops

A comet's tail is the result of the solar wind and points
a) away from the sun
b) towards the sun
c) perpendicular to the sun
d) in no certain direction

Which of the following theories explains the origin of the Universe?
a) the Big Bang theory
b) the Solar Nebulae theory
c) the AU theory
d) the Milky Way theory

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