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What is the goal of the receiving department?
a) To eat as many hot pockets on break as possible.
b) Receive material accurately and in a timely manner and stock that material in set locations.
c) To make sure the toilet paper roll stays on the floor and not in the holder.
d) To leave an empty coffee pot on a hot burner.

What is the biggest issue the receiving department is facing right now?
a) Not having enough Polly O string cheese sticks in the fridge.
b) Being unable to get the material that comes in that day checked in and put away that day.
c) Constantly chasing wild baboons around the warehouse.
d) Not having a jacuzzi in the warehouse.

What is the most inefficient process in the receiving department?
a) Driving the Hilo while texting.
b) Checking in material that is not labeled and making room for new items added to the site.
c) Opening up each cello bag and counting the peices to make sure the bag is labeled correctly.
d) Having to lick the fittings to see if they are lead free or not.

What is the goal for the receiving department for the 2013 year?
a) Adding a zip line in the back to get from point A to point B quicker.
b) Hold a hotdog eating contest once a week to build team spirit.
c) Making sure everyone on the team is wearing roller skates to get around faster.
d) Making sure we get well versed with the new WMS system so we are ready for busy season.

What is/are the biggest risk's that could hinder the departments' performance?
a) Having wild lions roaming the warehouse that could potentially eat the staff.
b) Having everyone only speak Wolof which is the French lanuage of Senegal.
c) Learning curve with the WMS, adding too may new products at once and keeping a set staff.
d) Turning on the heat in the summer and turning on the AC during the winter.

What are the biggest changes the receiving department could see this year?
a) Completely changing the current way we receive and do inventory with WMS.
b) Have a barking contest. Whoever correctly guesses what dog the bark is from wins.
c) Secretly putting cat nip on someone and letting a bunch of stray cats run around the warehouse.
d) Implementing the corner policy. If an employee misbehaves they will have to stand in the corner..

Assuming 25% growth, will the receiving department need to add employees this year?
a) Seriously?? If the company is growing why add employees?
b) Yes, it seems as if the receiving will take more time with the WMS. Possibly 3 additional employees.
c) Yes, 100 people, it's a great feeling to know eveything will be done.
d) Yes, around 35 people so the work gets done in an hour and they can go home after.

Which employee do you think might be at risk for leaving?
a) Kris Kringle
b) No one at the given time
c) Chuck Norris
d) The Chupacabra

What would be a good use for a $25,000 capital investment for the receving team?
a) Shrink Wrap machine and improvements on Hilos and additional shelving.
b) A certified pre-owned chainsaw with a monkey to operate it.
c) 25,000 $1 lottery tickets.
d) An all expense paid trip to Vegas.

What is the purpose of an employee organization chart?
a) It's just really cool to see a bunch of names on a piece of paper.
b) There is no purpose.
c) To list responsibilities to outline what each person is expected to accomplish throughout the day
d) To debate who has the coolest name.

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