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The diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane.
a) osmosis
b) endocytosis
c) diffusion
d) exocytosis

The process by which the cell membrane surrounds a particle to bring into the cell
a) excocytosis
b) endocytosis
c) photosynthesis
d) diffusion

An active transport process when large particles, such as wastes leave the cell.
a) endocytosis
b) cellular respiration
c) exocytosis
d) photosynthesis

The process by which plants, algae, and some bacteria use sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water to make food.
a) cellular respiration
b) osmosis
c) diffusion
d) photosynthesis

The process by which cells use oxygen to produce energy from food.
a) cellular respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) endocytosis
d) exocytosis

A group of similar cells that perform a common function
a) tissues
b) organs
c) organ systems
d) organisms

A collection of tissues that carry out a specialized function of the body
a) organ
b) organ system
c) tissues
d) organisms

A group of organs that work together to perform body functions.
a) organ system
b) tissue
c) organism
d) organ

The smallest unit that can perform all the processes necessary for life.
a) cell
b) prokaryote
c) eukaryote
d) nucleus

Breaks down food, old cell parts, and cells that are dead, injured, or obsolete.
a) lysosome
b) nucleus
c) mitochondria
d) chloroplast

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