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What did the beaver say to the tree?
a) It's been nice gnawing you.
b) It is nice gnawing you,
c) It has been nice gnawing you.
d) Its been nice gnawing you.

Why was the cornstalk furious with the farmer?
a) The farmer kept pulling off it's ears.
b) The farmer kept pulling off it has ears.
c) The farmer kept pulling off it is ears.
d) The farmer kept pulling off its ears.

How is a window in a roof like the sun?
a) It is a skylight.
b) It has a skylight.
c) It's a skylight.
d) Its a skylight.

When is a piece of wood like a queen?
a) When it has a ruler.
b) When its a ruler.
c) When it is a ruler.
d) When it's a ruler

What did the horse say after eating all of his hay?
a) Its the last straw.
b) It's the last straw
c) It is the last straw.
d) It has the last straw.

What kind of clothing lasts the longest?
a) Underwear, because it's never worn out.
b) Underwear, because its never worn out.
c) Underwear, because it is never worn out.
d) Underwear, because it has never worn out.

How do you know if you see a dogwood tree?
a) By it is bark.
b) By it has bark.
c) By it's bark.
d) By its bark.

What shuts an envelope up?
a) When it's licked.
b) When its licked.
c) When it i s licked.
d) When it has licked.

What's as big as a dinosaur but weighs nothing?
a) It's shadow.
b) Its shadow.
c) It is shadow.
d) It has shadow.

When is a door not a door?
a) When it's ajar.
b) When its ajar.
c) When it is ajar.
d) When it has ajar.

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