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Who was the President who was blamed for the Great Depression?
a) Herbert Hoover
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Franklin D. Roosevelt

What is the condition of being out of work called?
a) credit
b) poor
c) unemployment
d) depression

What year was the great stock market crash that began the Great Depression?
a) 1932
b) 1928
c) 1941
d) 1929

Which one was NOT a cause of the Great Depression?
a) high tarriffs on farm goods from Europe
b) children working in factories
c) people buying stocks on credit
d) people owing too much debt

Which one of the following was NOT a way the depression affected people?
a) People moved around looking for work
b) Some poor people had to live in Hoovervilles
c) Some schools had to close due to lack of money
d) Sports teams stopped playing ballgames alltogether

Which president defeated Hoover to win the election of 1932?
a) Woodrow Wilson
b) Herbert Hoover
c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
d) Theodore Roosevelt

Which disease affected Roosevelt and caused him to lose his leg use?
a) HIV
b) Polio
c) Cancer
d) Measles

Which one of the following was not shown in the 'Grapes of Wrath'?
a) people moving around looking for work
b) people being hungry
c) people needing money
d) a woman giving birth to a child

What was Roosevelt's plan for America called?
a) Fireside Chat
b) New Deal
c) Social Security
d) inflation

What part of America did the 'Dust Bowl' most affect?
a) Southern U.S.
b) Western area including California
c) Northeast part of the nation
d) Great Plains in middle of U.S.

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