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What sport is Jackie Robinson famous for playing?
a) Football
b) Baseball
c) Hockey
d) Soccer

What is the name of Martin Luther King Jr. ’s famous speech?
a) "Rise Up!"
b) "Victory, Victory!"
c) "I Have a Dream."
d) "The Call of a Dream."

What did Jackie Robinson help end in baseball?
a) Slavery
b) Unfair calls.
c) Stealing bases.
d) Segregation

What was Jackie Robinson elected into for being a great athlete?
a) Hall of Fame.
b) Nobel Peace Prize.
c) Honorable Mention
d) Oscar

6. When Jackie Robinson first played Major League Baseball, Who called him names?
a) His brother.
b) Other players on his team.
c) People in the stands.
d) both answers 2 & 3.

Rosa Parks was arrested because_______________.
a) She got in a fight.
b) She ran a red light.
c) She wouldn't give up her seat on the bus.
d) She was caught littering on the bus.

Jimmy Carter was the__________ President.
a) 30th
b) 12th
c) 2nd
d) 39th

Martin Luther marched in Washington, D.C. to encourage equality in voting.
a) True
b) False

Martin Luther King Jr. led a bus boycott in ______________, ___________.
a) Atlanta, Georgia.
b) Montgomery, Alabama.
c) Houston, Texas.
d) Macon, Georgia.

Treating people unfairly because of their skin is__________.
a) Segregation
b) Bigotry
c) Discrimination
d) Intergration.

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