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made or delivered on the spur of the moment
a) exited
b) extemporaneous
c) adrenaline
d) mailed

to make use of, develop; to make improper use of for personal profit
a) advantage
b) excavated
c) adventure
d) exploit

incorrect, containing mistake
a) wrong
b) misguided
c) erroneous
d) befuddle

to free from slavery; to release or liberate
a) emancipate
b) compensate
c) estimate
d) proclimate

small, smaller than most other of the same type
a) tiny
b) diminutive
c) insignificant
d) pure

worthy of scorn, contemptible
a) terrible
b) psychotic
c) horrible
d) despicable

to blame, scold
a) tell
b) chide
c) flinch
d) scowl

bare, dreary dismal
a) peak
b) swag
c) boring
d) bleak

To have ambitious hopes or plans, strive toward higher goal, desire earneastly; to ascend
a) inpire
b) inscribe
c) aspire
d) epiphany

Thoroughly skilled, an expert
a) adept
b) pro
c) adapt
d) adopt

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