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Electrical power is the rate at which what is done
a) energy
b) forces
c) pressure
d) electrical work

Which of the following is not a formula for electrical power?
a) work/time
b) current squared times resistance
c) voltage squared times resistance
d) V*q/t

If you are given a problem with power and voltage, what would you do to find current
a) power times voltage
b) power divided by voltage
c) voltage divided by power
d) voltage plus power

If you are given a current of 3 amps and a voltage of 2 volts, what is your power?
a) 6 meters
b) 6 lbs/sec
c) 6 watts
d) 6 hp

How much current flows through a 600 W toaster in use on a 120 V circuit?
a) 480 A
b) 5 A
c) 0.2 A
d) 72000 A

The power company measures your energy usage in what units?
a) watts
b) kWh
c) Wh
d) V*A

What does q stand for in an equation?
a) quantity
b) quality
c) charge
d) heat

One watt = ?
a) 3.413 Btu/hr
b) 2545 Btu/hr
c) 1 Btu/hr
d) 14.3 Btu/hr

1 hp =
a) 0.239 cal/sec
b) 0.324 cal/sec
c) 178.2 cal/sec
d) 1 cal/sec

1 hp =
a) 746 watts
b) 550 watts
c) 0.293 watts
d) 1 watt

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