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Why is the hypothesis that "black cats cause bad luck" not science?
a) The results of studying the hypothesis are not repeatable.
b) All of these
c) The hypothesis cannot be tested by controlled experiments.
d) The results of studying the hyothesis are open to judgment.

Quantitative research is often reported as ______ to aid understanding.
a) graphs or charts
b) all of these
c) long lists of numbers
d) descriptions of behavior

Nitrogen is released into the abiotic parts of the biosphere from the processes of death and _____.
a) decay by bacteria
b) lightning in storm clouds
c) runoff
d) infiltration of groundwater

A girl notices that her guppies reproduce most when her fish tank water is slightly alkaline. They stop reproducing if the water becomes too acidic or too alkaline. This is an example of _____.
a) secondary succession
b) intertidal zones
c) communities
d) zones of tolerance and intolerance

A country that has a stable population is characterized by an age structure that is ______.
a) about the same in all age groups
b) largest among post-reproductive years
c) largest among reproductive years
d) largest among pre-reproductive years

Acid rain changes the pH of soil, killing some trees. This is an example of _____.
a) habitat fragmentation
b) exotic species
c) habitat degradation
d) global warming problems

A conservation biology organization wants to raise money to buy a strip of land to connect Protected Area A to Natural Park Area B. This strip would most likely serve _____.
a) as a road for tourists
b) to slow ozone destruction
c) to fragment the habitat
d) as a wildlife corridor

Carbon compounds that come from living organisms are called ______ compounds.
a) water
b) biological
c) organic
d) homogeneous

What are the basic building blocks of proteins?
a) nucleic acids
b) glycerol and fatty acids
c) amino acids
d) peptide bonds

A very strong base might have a pH of_______.
a) 3
b) 13
c) 9
d) 5

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