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What happened to students in 1989 that were protesting for greater political freedom in Tiananmen Square in Beijing?
a) Most students lost interest in the demonstration and returned quietly to classes.
b) They were attacked by Chinese troops and many were killed or arrested.
c) They were able to hold meetings with the Chinese government and present their demands.
d) They got so much positive publicity that the Chinese government had to give in to their demands.

The Tiananmen Square demonstrators had a statue, Goddess of Democracy, that was modeled after which figure?
a) the Liberty Bell
b) the State of Liberty
c) the wife of Mao Zedong
d) the Greek statur of the goddess Venus

At the end of World War II, one of Russia's main goals was to
a) avoid having to join the United Nations
b) redesign their government as a democracy
c) build a friendly alliance with the United States
d) be sure they would never be attacked again by a Western European country

What did the leaders of the Soviet Union feel would provide the most protection for their country?
a) if all weapons were to be removed from Europe
b) having free trade with all the countries in Europe and Asia
c) having friendly, pro-communist countries along all their borders
d) receiving a declaration from the United Nations condemning war

What was the name given to the disagreements between the United States and the Soviet Union at the end of World War II?
a) the Cold War
b) the Dual Alliance
c) the Great Depression
d) the Cultural Revolution

How was the country of Korea divided at the end of World War II?
a) The country was entirely under Soviet control.
b) Koreans had control of their own country at that time.
c) Soviet control in the north; United States control in the south.
d) The Japanese controlled much of the country when the war ended.

What was the fear of the United States about both Korea and Vietnam at the end of World War II?
a) They feared the two countried would become communist.
b) They were afraid the two countries would threaten the new government of China.
c) They worried that the war-damaged economies would not be able to recover in time to prevent famine.
d) They were afraid both countries would be taken over by the French as they tried to rebuild.

What was the meaning of the Domino Theory?
a) Political decisions have to be built slowly, like a game of dominoes.
b) International politics is a game, and there are always winners and losers.
c) If one country in a region became communist, others would quickly follow.
d) Few countries would really be interested in communism if they k new what is was like.

What has become of the political division of Korea made in 1954?
a) Korea was reunited by the United Nations several years ago.
b) Korea is still divided between a communist north and a democratic south.
c) The two parts of Korea were reunited soon after the war ended in the 1950s.
d) Both parts of Korea are communist today, even though they are separate countries.

What were the objections the United States had to Ho Chi Minh's leadership on Vietnam?
a) He seemed too inexperienced to lead a country.
b) Most of the Vietnamese people did not like him or his politics.
c) He was a communist and a threat to the United States' interests.
d) He had been educated in Europe and had no connection with the Vietnamese people.

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