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What is the name of the Japanese parliament?
a) Congress
b) the Diet
c) House of Lords
d) Constitutional League

Which requirement is written into the Japanese constitution?
a) to restrict voting to men only
b) to end the position of emperor
c) to never declare war on another country
d) to maintain a strong military for their protection

Who led the Chinese communists during most of the 20th century?
a) Sun Yixian
b) Kim Jung-Un
c) Mao Zedong
d) Ho Chi Minh

When the Nationalist Republic of China was formed in 1929, what happened to Mao's communist supporters?
a) They were attacked and many were killed.
b) They took important offices in the new government.
c) They urged people in rural areas to support the new government.
d) Most communists supported the government, though they did not hold office.

When did Mao and the communists take control of China?
a) in the 1930s
b) during World War II
c) the end of World War I
d) right after World War II

Why was the Great Leap Forward unsuccessful?
a) People refused to move to the larger farms.
b) People wanted to be able to work for themselves and make a profit.
c) Chinese farmers did not know how to plant crops on large plots of land.
d) The Communist government rejected Mao's idea and the farms were never organized.

What was the periode of time called when Mao tried to eliminate anyone that criticized the government?
a) the Long March
b) the Middle Way
c) the Great Leap Forward
d) the Cultural Revolution

What was the name of the new army of young people Mao used to enforce his policies in the 1960s?
a) the Red Guard
b) the Kuomintang
c) the Great Collective
d) the Alliance for Progress

Which jobs did Mao think would lead China to become most prosperous?
a) farmers and workers
b) students and teachers
c) military and scientific
d) businessmen and managers

After Mao's death in 1976, who became leader of China?
a) Hirohito
b) Sun Yixian
c) Ho Chi Minh
d) Deng Xiaoping

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