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Gina Ginetti is a
a) detective in Fudge Corners
b) detective in Cookie Corners
c) sculptor in Fudge Corners
d) police officer in Cookie Corners

Why is the Gentle Giant important?
a) The Gentle Giant is the name of a famous statue.
b) The Gentle Giant is a mean, scary dog.
c) The Gentle Giant is Gina's pet dog.
d) The Gentle Giant saved the life of the town's founder.

Why doesn't Al like Reggie?
a) Reggie boasts (brags) all the time.
b) Reggie is a better sculptor than Al.
c) Al is jealous of Reggie.
d) Gina likes Reggie better than Al.

How does Al feel when the statue is unveiled?
a) happy
b) glad
c) angry (mad) and upset
d) nervous and guilty

People think Reggie is a genius because
a) he is very smart
b) the pigeons flock to the statue
c) the statue is very life like
d) the mayor said that the town is lucky to have a good scuptor.

Why does Gina want to question Reggie?
a) Gina is a detective.
b) She knows Al does not lie.
c) Reggie is a known thief.
d) Angela told her to question him.

Reggie says that he has an alibi. An alibi is
a) a reason to do something
b) being guilty
c) being nervous
d) an excuse

In this story, fake means
a) not true
b) real
c) stolen
d) trusting

What is one way Reggie gives himself away?
a) he has an alibi
b) he knew the statue was in Al's basement
c) he yells at Al

What do you think the mayor will do now that they know Reggie is a thief?
a) tell everyone that Al is the real sculptor
b) take Reggie to jail
c) spank him

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