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Which of the following helps to automatically control heat flow?
a) thermostat.
b) on-off switch
c) fan speed

Heat flow rate is measured in the units
a) cal/sec or BTU/hr.
b) degrees celsius
c) degrees celsius per seconds
d) BTU/gpm

Latent heat
a) is the heat needed to cause a change of state.
b) is the heat needed to raise the temperature of an object.
c) is the heat needed to lower the temperature of the object.
d) is the heat capacity of a substance.

The specific heat of water (1 calorie per gram celsius degree) is considered to be
a) a high value.
b) a low value.
c) of no importance.
d) a mid-range value.

In the equation for heat flow rate (Qh = (kAО”T)/L), the "k" value represents the
a) thermal conductivity.
b) specific heat.
c) coefficient of friction.
d) latent heat.

When does heat stop flowing?
a) when the temperatures are equal on both sides of the system
b) when one side of the system is double that of the other side
c) heat never stops flowing within a system
d) when the temperatures reach the boiling point

The term kilocalorie equals
a) 1000 calories or 1 Calorie
b) 1000 Calories or 1 calorie
c) 1 calorie or 1 Joule
d) 1 Joule or 1000 Calories

The amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by one degree fahrenheit is called a
a) BTU.
b) calorie
c) joule
d) watt

At the molecular level, heat energy is found in the ____ of the molecules.
a) vibrational motion
b) bonds
c) equilibrium
d) electronegative properties

The amount of heat energy divided by time is called
a) thermal rate.
b) mechanical rate.
c) thermal resistance.
d) thermal force.

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