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Menelik II modernized this African country to successfully resist Italian imperialism
a) Ethiopia
b) Egypt
c) South Africa
d) Rhodesia

Britain gained control of South Africa after winning this war
a) Boer War
b) Zulu War
c) Apartheid War
d) Crimean War

When did the Berlin Conference happen?
a) 1884
b) 1789
c) 1899
d) 1868

Term for the intentional attempt to kill an entire religious or ethnic group
a) genocide
b) zaibatsu
c) sati
d) apartheid

Britain considered this colonial possession to be her brightest jewel
a) India
b) Taiwan
c) Hong Kong
d) South Africa

This lifeline to India connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
a) Suez Canal
b) Strait of Gibraltar
c) Dardanelles
d) Panama Canal

Backed by the US Navy, he demanded that Japan open her ports to foreign powers
a) Matthew Perry
b) King George V
c) Menelik II
d) Cecil John Rhodes

British insensitivity to Hindu and Muslim beliefs caused this conflict
a) Sepoy Rbellion
b) Boer War
c) Boxer Uprising
d) Crimena War

They were wealthy Japanese industrial and banking families during the Meiji period
a) Zibatsu
b) Taiwanese
c) Afrikaaners
d) Armenians

In a homogeneous society there is a complete lack of
a) ethnic diversity
b) infrastructure
c) political structure
d) economic diversity

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