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The government of Brazil is a __________ government.
a) federal
b) confederation
c) autocratic

Brazil is a ____________ democracy.
a) presidential
b) parlimentary
c) traditional

One way that Brazil's government is different from the U.S. government is that it
a) requires citizens aged 18-70 to vote
b) has a president as chief executive
c) does not allow 16 year olds to vote
d) has a legislature called Congress

Mexico has a ___________ government.
a) federal
b) confederation
c) autocratic

What type of government is Mexico?
a) presidential democracy
b) parlimentary democracy
c) monarchy
d) communist

One way that Mexico's government is different from the U.S. is that
a) presidents can only serve one 6-year term
b) citizens 18 years old and over may vote
c) the legislature is called Congress
d) the president it the chief executive

The government of Cuba is a __________ government.
a) unitary
b) oligarchy
c) democracy

Cuba is a _____________ dictatorship where citizens do not elect the president. The president is appointed by the National Assembly of People's Power.
a) communist
b) democratic
c) oligarchic

Which term describes how political power is distributed in Cuba?
a) confederation government
b) federal government
c) unitary government

The government of Canada is a ________ monarchy.
a) constitutional
b) democratic
c) autocratic

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