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What word means to promise?
a) emulate
b) assure
c) generate
d) anxiety

What word means to create or produce
a) influence
b) pomade
c) generate
d) peon

What word means to make fearful?
a) linoleum
b) peon
c) staggered
d) intimidate

What word means on time?
a) punctual
b) peon
c) assure
d) staggered

What word means a perfumed oinment for the scalp?
a) linoleum
b) generate
c) pomade
d) emulate

What word means to imitate an admired person?
a) torment
b) rummage
c) collapse
d) emulate

What word means someone who is humble or very skilled?
a) peon
b) opponent
c) abandoned
d) wavering

What word means someon or something that has an effect on others?
a) deliberately
b) influence
c) frantic
d) scowled

What word means to walk or move shakily?
a) emulate
b) punctual
c) staggered
d) tangled

What word means to cause harm or the intent to cause harm?
a) hesitate
b) confront
c) familar
d) menacing

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