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This invention changed American life and led to movement to the surburbs
a) Washing Machine
b) Automobile
c) Movie Camera
d) Electric Stove

This amendment gave women the right to vote.
a) 19th Amendment
b) Equal Rights Amendment
c) 2nd Amendment
d) 18th Amendment

The U.S. banned alcohol during the ________________ Era.
a) Teapot Dome
b) Recess
c) Prohibition
d) Bootlegger

In the Scopes Monkey Trial, high school teacher John Scopes was tried and convicted for teaching ____________
a) Math
b) Revulsion
c) Revolution
d) Evolution

During the Great Migration, thousands of African Americans moved north...
a) to find better jobs.
b) All of the above.
c) to escape discrimination.
d) to escape racism.

Famous jazz musicians of the Roaring 20s included
a) Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington
b) Aaron Copeland and F. Scott Fitzgerald
c) Jacob Lawrence and Langston Hughes
d) Martha Graham and Georgia O\'Keefe

The growth of African American music and art was known as the
a) Norfolk Renaissance
b) New York Renaissance
c) Harlem Rebirth
d) Harlem Renaissance

Marcus Garvey led the...
a) Back to Africa Movement
b) Suffrage Movement
c) Red Scare
d) Intolerance Movement

Young women of the Roaring 20s who were short skirts and bobbed their hair were known as
a) Flippers
b) Flappers
c) Floppers
d) Celebutantes

The 18th Amendment...
a) gave women the right to vote.
b) protected free speech.
c) banned alcohol.
d) outlawed jazz music.

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