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What are flowers designed to attract?
a) Bees
b) People
c) Monkeys
d) A Date

What type of flower has all of the required parts to reproduce?
a) Incomplete Flower
b) Complete flower
c) Partial Flower
d) Sunflower

What type of flower is missing one or more parts?
a) Complete Flower
b) Sloppy Flower
c) Incomplete flower
d) Partial Flower

What is the green leafy portion of the flower called?
a) Stamen
b) Pistil
c) Anther
d) Petiole

What part of the flower protects it from damage?
a) Petiole
b) Anther
c) Stamen
d) Stoma

What is the name of the prettiest part of the flower?
a) Stamen
b) Petals
c) Petioles
d) Style

What part of the flower is considered male?
a) Petals
b) Pistil
c) Stamen
d) Petioles

True or False. The Anther is a part of the Stamen.
a) Miss Heeg is my favorite teacher!
b) The Dog ate my homework
c) False
d) True

What part of the flower is considered female?
a) Pistil
b) Stamen
c) Petal
d) Root

How many parts are in the pistil?
a) Two
b) Three
c) One
d) Four

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