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Which of these is NOT an external part of the stem, the bud scar, the leaf scar, or the flower scar?
a) Flower Scar
b) Leaf Scar
c) Bud Scar
d) Bloody Scar

What part of the stem brings water up to the leaves?
a) Phloem
b) Cambium
c) Xylem
d) Pith

What part of the stem take food to be stored in the roots?
a) Pith
b) Xylem
c) Cambium
d) Phloem

What part of the cell produces new cells?
a) Cambium
b) Pith
c) Xylem
d) Phloem

True or False. Roots can propagate.
a) True
b) False
c) I did not listen when Miss Heeg presented this
d) I like monkeys

What part of the plant is externally much like the stem?
a) Stem
b) Root
c) Flower
d) Leaf

What part of the root initiates new growth?
a) Root tip
b) Root Hair
c) Root Mustache
d) Root Cells

What part of the root absorbs water?
a) Root Tips
b) Root Cells
c) Root Hairs
d) Fibrous

What type of root system has a strong anchor root to hold it secure?
a) Hairy
b) Fibrous
c) Adventitious
d) Tap Root

What type of reproduction uses seeds to reproduce?
a) Asexual Reproduction
b) Sexual Reproduction
c) Cloning
d) The Stork

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