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Which of these in not a plant part, the stem, pole, flower, or leaf?
a) Pole
b) Root
c) Flower
d) Stem

What part of the plant produces food?
a) Stem
b) Root
c) Flower
d) Leaf

What part of the plant is often used to identify it?
a) Stem
b) Flower
c) Leaf
d) Root

What is the name of the rib part of the leaf?
a) Guard Cells
b) Petiole
c) Blade
d) Stoma

What is the flat part of the leaf called?
a) Guard Cells
b) Blade
c) Stoma
d) Petiole

What internal part of the leaf prevents moisture loss?
a) Epidermis
b) Stoma
c) Guard Cells
d) Dermis

What part of the leaf allows to breath?
a) Petiole
b) Epidermis
c) Guard Cells
d) Stoma

What is the part of the leaf that opens to allow air to escape the leaf?
a) Stoma
b) Pistil
c) Stamen
d) Epidermis

True or False. The stem moves water down to the roots and brings food up to the leaves.
a) Purple
b) False
c) I have no idea. I did not take the notes Miss Heeg asked me to take.
d) True

What part of the stem is known as the breathing pores?
a) Guard Cells
b) Pores
c) Epidermis
d) Lenticels

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