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The bending of light as it passes from one substance to another is called ___________.
a) refraction
b) concave lenses
c) reflection
d) lens

The bouncng of light off an object is called ______________.
a) relection
b) refraction
c) a convex lens
d) a lens

A transparent material used to bend light is a _______________.
a) lens
b) concave lens
c) convex lens
d) a pair of sunglasses

A _______________ bends light outward and used to correct nearsightedness.
a) concave lens
b) convex lens
c) pair of sunglasses
d) reflection

A _____________- bends light inward and is used to correct farsightedness.
a) convex lens
b) concave lens
c) reflection
d) refraction

A shadow is _____________ in the morning than it is at noon.
a) longer
b) shorter
c) the same
d) no answer

White light is made of _____________ colors.
a) many
b) some
c) blue
d) no

All the colors that make up light are called _________________.
a) the visible spectrum
b) the rainbow
c) dancing lights
d) reflections

____________ and heat are related to each other.
a) Light
b) Rain
c) Reflection
d) Contact lenses

Objects that can make their own light are ______________.
a) luminous
b) opaque
c) transparent
d) nonluminous

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