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At the beginning of the story, how were Wesleys parents alike?
a) They both thought that Wesley needed a new hobby.
b) They both felt that Wesley should go to a new school.
c) They both wanted Wesley to respect his teacher.
d) They both worried about Wesley not fitting in.

A sentence in the story says: Suddenly Wesleys thoughts shot sparks. What does this mean?
a) Wesleys concentration gave him a headache.
b) Wesley imagined his neighborhood lit up.
c) Wesley had a bright idea.
d) Wesley was angry.

Why did Wesley want to grow his own crop?
a) He wanted to be a farmer when he grew up so he decided to start practicing.
b) Having a summer project would keep him busy.
c) He wanted to show the neighbors that it could be fun to grow new things.
d) He wanted to build his own civilization based on his new staple crop.

What happened first?
a) Wesley made ink from his crop.
b) Wesley prepared his crop for eating.
c) Wesley used his crop to make clothing.
d) Wesley used his crop to make items he could sell.

How did the making of Weslandia affect Wesley?
a) It made him happy.
b) It distracted him from his troubles.
c) It made him very tired.
d) It helped him set goals for the future.

When does the story take place?
a) in the future
b) in the present
c) in the recent past
d) in the distant past

Which best describes Wesley?
a) athletic
b) timid
c) stubborn
d) creative

What is the most likely reason the author wrote this selection?
a) to teach readers that everyone is different
b) to entertain readers with a story full of jokes
c) to persuade readers to be nice to their neighbors
d) to amuse readers with a story about a unique boy

What was the storys resolution?
a) The other children admired Wesley.
b) Wesley was chosen to rule the neighborhood.
c) Wesley decided to go to another school.
d) The other children wanted Wesley to play their games.

What is a theme of the story?
a) Try to fit in with the group.
b) Pay attention in school.
c) Follow your own path.
d) Make friends wherever you go.

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