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India is located on the continent of...
a) China
b) Asia
c) Australia
d) Europe

Geographically, India is considered a...
a) subcontinent
b) island
c) valley
d) mountain

The weather pattern that shapes India's climate is a...
a) typhoon
b) hurricane
c) el nino
d) monsoon

What caused the decline and disappearance of the Indus Valley Civilization?
a) internal warfare
b) fire
c) a lack of food production
d) no one knows for sure.

India's northern mountain border is called...
a) The Rockies
b) The Himalayas
c) The Alps
d) The Sierra Nevadas

Dharma is...
a) a person's duty to accept their place in society.
b) the rebirth that occurs after death.
c) the same as karma.
d) the bad deeds done in one's life.

Which is true about the Hinduism?
a) It is a polytheistic religion.
b) They believe in one divinity.
c) They believe in several divinities which make up ONE universal spirit.
d) It was created by Siddartha.

Hinduism and Buddhism...
a) rejects the idea of the caste system.
b) share the ideas of karma and reincarnation.
c) was created by the same founder.
d) are practiced only in India.

Which ancient Indian ruler converted to Buddhism?
a) Chandragupta I
b) Chandragupta II
c) Samudragupta
d) Asoka

What was caused the decline of the Gupta Empire?
a) The Huns
b) The Vikings
c) The Aztecs
d) The Aryans

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