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exhibition, The children went to the museum to see the dinosaur exhibition.
a) a public display
b) to show off
c) an ancient discovery
d) to interact to learn

suggestions, April said, I have a suggestion for how to share the basketball.
a) an idea to consider
b) a game to play
c) to practice a skill
d) to solve a problem

attention, The teacher asked students to pay close attention to the directions for the test.
a) the act of attending
b) to ignore somethng
c) to find something unusual
d) a long or difficult speech

imagination, It took a lot of imagination to write this exciting story.
a) the act of imagining
b) to find something unusual
c) a long or difficult speech
d) to imagine something

reward, To reward Juan, Mrs. Dixon gave him five dollars for finding her ring.
a) give in thanks for help
b) ask questions about
c) embarrass in a public way
d) lose something meaningful

patiently, The man waited patiently in the line at the grocery store.
a) without complaining
b) behind others
c) while working
d) before closing

performs, Tammy performs a special dance in the school play.
a) shows for an audience
b) makes a mistake
c) goes to an audition
d) copies someone else

ceremony, There will be a ceremony to name the winner of the contest.
a) formal event
b) national holiday
c) identifying symbol
d) informational letter

graduate, Carl will graduate from high school this year.
a) complete
b) an explanation
c) a public display
d) an idea to consider

description, Jamal wrote a detailed description of the project he wanted to do for the history fair.
a) an explanation
b) to outline
c) to prove something
d) an application

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