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The authority to review decisions of lower courts is called;
a) original juisdiction
b) appellate jurisdiction
c) exclusive jurisdiction
d) concurrent jurisdiction

While Barney was driving home from work, he accidentally ran over the local minister's fence. The minister now wants to sue Barney for damages, so Barney is now subject to;
a) monetary fines
b) community service
c) civil prosecution
d) criminal prosecution

How are Georgia Supreme Court justices selected?
a) They are appointed by the chief justice.
b) They are elected by county wide elections.
c) They are appointed by superior court judges.
d) They are elected by statewide elections.

Which of these cases would be heard in a civil court?
a) a case involving the vandalism of public property
b) a case involving a pedestrian suing a motorist for negligence
c) a case of unlawful entry onto the property of another person
d) a case of theft involving property under $400

The Georgia Supreme Court;
a) only hears a case after it has been heard by a lower court
b) does not try cases that could result in the death penalty
c) can take as much time as it needs to reach a decision
d) allows all citizens to bring cases before it

Criminal law is BEST described as laws that;
a) governs the relationships between citizens individuals and codifies their rights
b) come straight from monarchs
c) defines what constitutes a crime and provides for punishing those who commit crimes.
d) only affect those in prison

If you were pulled over for speeding on Interstate 85, you would most likely have to appear in;
a) U.S. District Court
b) State Supreme Court
c) U.S. Appellate Court
d) Local Criminal Court

If you sue someone for refusing to pay for your mailbox when they accidently knocked it down with a car, what would your action be called?
a) using the criminal code
b) filing a civil law suit
c) addressing public safety
d) an act of civil disobedience

Barney leaves a bar at 2am and gets arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. He will first be subject to;
a) community service
b) civil prosecution
c) criminal prosecution
d) mandatory sentencing

The highest TRIAL court in the state of Georgia is;
a) Superior Court
b) State Court
c) Supreme Court
d) Court of Appeals

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