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There were too many difficult_______ like the death of his mother, so he quit the program..
a) obstacles
b) assignments
c) concepts
d) pedestrians

This word means the same thing as easy-going and even-tempered
a) compatible
b) obedient
c) companion
d) patient

Are you __________________ ed to always getting your way?
a) assign
b) jostle
c) accustom
d) alert

The best synonym for distract would be:
a) observant
b) sidetrack
c) give
d) move

A driver who has had little sleep should not drive because he will not be...
a) alert
b) accustomed
c) patient
d) careful

stay, stop, wait and hold are antonyms of...
a) retire
b) jostle
c) budge
d) assign

What would be a better word in this sentence? I don\'t understand the (idea).
a) concept
b) alert
c) companion
d) assign

This word would describe a wrestler very well.
a) obedient
b) burly
c) alert
d) patient

A friend who is always with you, is your...
a) compatible
b) assignment
c) obstacle
d) companion

Not being used to something is the opposite of:
a) distract
b) assign
c) accustom
d) pedestrian

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