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triad is...
a) three notes played simultaneously
b) three notes played melodically
c) two notes played simultaneously
d) two notes played melodically

Triads can be four qualities, including...
a) Major, minor, melodic, harmonic
b) natural, harmonic, minor, melodic
c) Major, minor, Augmented, diminished
d) Major, minor, harmonic, Augmented

Triad contains a....
a) root, fifth, and seventh
b) a fourth, fifth, and eighth
c) third, fifth, and seventh
d) root, third, and fifth

A triad is named by its ...
a) root
b) seventh
c) fifth
d) third

triads can be major, minor, augmented, or ...
a) harmonic
b) diminished
c) melodic
d) none of these

the C Major Triad contains ...
a) C, Eb, G
b) C, E, G#
c) C, E, G
d) C, Eb, Gb

the d minor triad includes...
a) d, f#, a
b) d, f#, a#
c) d, f, ab
d) d, f, a

An Augmented Bb triad includes...
a) Bb, Db, F#
b) Bb, D, F#
c) Bb, Db, F
d) Bb, D, F

The a diminished triad includes...
a) a, c, eb
b) a, cb, e
c) a, cb, eb
d) a, c, e

A triad is
a) the most frequently used chord
b) All of these
c) the basis of other chords (like sevenths, ninths, and elevenths)
d) three notes played simultaneously

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