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Which information would probably be most helpful to someone trying to identify a mineral sample?
a) location and mass
b) shape and texture
c) hardness and streak
d) color and size

If shell fragments are formed in a rock sample, it is most likely that the rock formed
a) on a mountain slope
b) on a glacier
c) from magma
d) in shallow water

Using your rock cycle diagram, what type of rock forms directly from magma?
a) Igneous
b) metamorphic
c) sedimentary
d) Uplift

Using your rock cycle diagram, which process is required for the formation of a sedimentary rock?
a) deposition
b) compaction and burial
c) cementation
d) all of the above

Using your rock cycle diagram, what two processes must occur in order to change any rock into igneous
a) heat and pressure
b) uplift and metamorphism
c) melting and solidification
d) Weathering and erosion

Why cant plant fossils be found in volcanic rock?
a) The plants will burn up
b) The plants will get hard
c) The plants will become bone
d) The plants will become older

If you wanted to test a mineral for luster, what would you use?
a) white tile
b) hammer
c) flashlight
d) acid

Other than hardness, what physical property may add to the beauty of a gemstone?
a) hardness
b) luster
c) cleavage
d) fracture

The Law of Superposition state that a rock layer that is
a) lower is older
b) higher is older
c) lower is younger
d) middle is oldest

From the top of the Earth's crust to the bottom, if each layer was labelled A-D, which is the youngest layer?
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) C

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