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Who said "Our city will fall only when the moon turns dark"?
a) Constipation
b) Consternation
c) Constantinople
d) Nathan the Cooky

What was the city of Constantinople renamed?
a) Istanbul
b) Diagon Alley
c) Nathanbul
d) Dallas

What other Russian term means the same as "Caesar'?
a) Little Caesar's Pizza
b) Caesar Salad
c) tsar
d) toad

Who were the viking invaders?
a) Rats
b) Rus
c) Rust
d) ghazi

A student learning a trade is also called what?
a) Applernathy
b) Smart Kid
c) Nathan King
d) Apprentice

Sea Fire was the secret weapon of who?
a) Lego Army
b) Byzantine Empire
c) Ninja Army
d) Byzantine Army

When Ivan the Terrible's wife died he went?
a) On Vacation
b) Out an did the Happy Dance
c) Mad
d) To Dallas

How did Ivan punish the Eastern Orthodox Archbishop?
a) Made him dance over a pit of hot coals
b) Made him hug Nathan's sister
c) Made him go out in the snow naked
d) Made him make him play Lego Harry Potter

In the Turkish legend, "The Sheep Rocks" what did the shepherd offer to Allah?
a) Sheep
b) Mice
c) Rice
d) Lice

Two of the terrible deeds commited when Ottoman turks invaded Constantinople were?
a) Put gum in their hair and poured honey in their shoes
b) Put mice in their pants and ants in their food
c) Burned the temple and killed people
d) Booed the king and tricked the people

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