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Where does Lion Gate stand?
a) Jahosophat
b) Zooland
c) Jerusalem
d) Moscow

What Christian cathedral was built by Justinian?
a) Hagia Sophia
b) Hail Sophia
c) Hagia Madison
d) Taj Mahaul

What great sultan was named after King Soloman?
a) Saraman
b) Saroman
c) Suleiman
d) Stephanie

Who made Russia into one country?
a) Ivan the Wierd
b) Evan the Great
c) Ivan the Great
d) Nathan the Deary

Who killed his own son with an oak stick tipped in iron?
a) Ivan the Terrible
b) Ivan the Great
c) Ethan the Bold
d) Nathan the Horrible

What is the capital of Russia?
a) Muslim
b) Hogwarts
c) Moscow
d) Manhattan

What is another name for a Turkish King?
a) Nathan King
b) Sultan
c) Sailman
d) Suliman

What is the Russian fortress in center of the Russian government?
a) Kermit
b) Koffin
c) Karen
d) Kremlin

Who led the Turks to victory over Constantinople?
a) Mehmed
b) Muhammad
c) Muslim
d) Moscow

Who are the Muslim soldiers determined to spread Islam?
a) Gambezi
b) Zamboni
c) Ghazi
d) Gassy

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