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The relationship between a child\'s temperament and the demands of the environment is known as
a) goodness-of-fit
b) living up to parental expectations
c) emotional stability
d) failure to thrive

Mothers of securely attached infants respond
a) consistently and appropriately
b) consistently but often don\'t interact
c) when it fits into their schedule
d) wait a little while to avoid spoiling the child

True/False: Fathers are able to have a secure attachment with a child, but only if they are stay-at-home-dads.
a) True
b) none
c) none
d) False

True/False: Only biological mothers can have a secure attachment with their child.
a) True
b) none
c) none
d) False

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a mother with a securely attached child?
a) sensitive to the child\'s signals - notices the cues and interprets correctly
b) accepts their role as a caregiver
c) demands that the child follows a strict schedule
d) shows cooperation - gives child warnings and works the child

At 3 months, what part of the body do infants recognize the movement?
a) legs
b) mouth
c) fingers
d) arms

Which of the is not one of the constellation of factors that contribute to Failure-to-Thrive?
a) less responsive or more instrusive parenting
b) greater familial exposure to poverty, violence and other sources of stress
c) a loving interaction with caregiver
d) negative emotional experiences

Bowlby began his study of attachment because he was concerned about infants who ..
a) had been in the NICU for a week or more
b) had been adopted
c) institutionalized
d) were born into a single-parent home

True/False: A child's temperament tells us what we can expect in the future in their social and cognitive functioning.
a) True
b) False
c) none
d) none

A 6 month old child is upset and is trying to regulate their emotions. They may
a) walk away
b) ask the caregiver for a hug
c) suck on a pacifier
d) turn on the TV

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