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An educated guess about a possible solution to a problem is
a) a hypothesis
b) an experiment
c) an exercise
d) a variable

A factor that changes in an experiment from manipulation of the independent variable is the
a) control
b) constant
c) hypothesis
d) dependent variable

A beaker contains 0.456 L of water. What is the volume in milliliters?
a) 4.56 mL
b) 45.6 mL
c) 456 mL
d) .00456 mL

How many meters are there in 253.1 centimeters?
a) 25.31 m
b) 2.531 m
c) .2531 m
d) .02531 m

How many decimeters are there in .56 dekameters?
a) 56 dim
b) 5.6 dim
c) 560 dim
d) .56 dim

The SI unit that is used to measure distance is the
a) kilogram
b) Kelvin
c) meter
d) liter

Density is
a) the mass per unit volume of a material
b) the volume per unit mass of a material
c) the amount of force applied to an object
d) how long an object is

Zero degrees Celsius is equal to
a) 373 Kelvin
b) 273 Kelvin
c) - 273 Kelvin
d) Absolute Zero

The SI Unit for time is the
a) minute
b) hour
c) second
d) meter per second

On a graph, the X-axis is always the
a) longer axis
b) dependent variable
c) time
d) independent variable

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