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Which of the following is not related to plate movement?
a) hot spots
b) earthquakes
c) volcanoes
d) convection currents

All of the following can be found at divergent plate boundaries except
a) subduction zones
b) sea floor spreading
c) mid-oceanic ridges
d) rift valleys

All of the following can be found at convergent plate boundaries except
a) sea floor spreading
b) suduction zones
c) volcanoes
d) mountains

What is responsible for tectonic plate movement?
a) convection currents
b) earthquakes
c) hot spots
d) solidificaiton

Movement of convection currents in the mantle can be described as
a) hot magma rising, cooling and then sinking
b) cool magma rising, heating up then sinking
c) hot magma sinking, cooling then rising
d) magma melting and then solidifying when it cools

When a continental plate collides with an oceanic plate, the oceanic plate dives beneath the continental plate. Why?
a) Oceanic crust is more dense
b) Oceanic crust deforms less easily
c) Continental crust melts at higher temperatures
d) Continental crust contains more mafic minerals like iron

Mid-ocean ridges (rifts) normally form where tectonic plates are
a) converging
b) diverging
c) stationary
d) sliding past each other

Which two adjectives best describe the crust at a mid-oceanic ridge?
a) hottest and youngest
b) hottest and oldest
c) coolest and youngest
d) coolest and oldest

The Hawaiian Islands were created by
a) a hot spot
b) a divergent plate boundary
c) a convergent plate boundary
d) a transform plate boundary

New sea floor is created at
a) divergent plate boundaries
b) convergent plate boundaries
c) transform plate boundaries
d) convection currents

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