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Melissa is a week old and her parents notice that she is smiling. This is most likely due to the fact
a) she is in REM sleep
b) she has gas
c) she just saw her mother\\\'s face
d) she just saw her bottle

Jason's mother has a strong fear of dogs. While at the park with Jason a dog runs in their direction and she grabs Jason and runs. He begins to scream. This is an example of
a) child/parent characteristics
b) self-regulation
c) social-referencing
d) self-conscious emotions

A child whose growth is signifcantly below the norm is said to be suffering from
a) self-regulation
b) goodness-of-fit
c) anxiety
d) failure to thrive syndrome

Which of the following emotions develop as a result of self-recognition development?
a) embarrassment
b) fear
c) anger
d) joy

Which of the following is not one of the three types of temperament?
a) easy
b) avoidant
c) difficult
d) slow-to-warm-up

Which temperament demonstrates negative moods and high intensity reactions?
a) easy
b) slow-to-warm-up
c) difficult
d) avoidant

True/False: The characteristics of both the child and parent determines the attachment pattern and type between the infant and parent.
a) True
b) none
c) none
d) False

Does the fact that a child goes to daycare affect the attachment between child and mother?
a) Yes,
b) No, there is no affect,- no matter the quality
c) Not sure
d) No, not if it is a good quality daycare

When a child withdraws from a new stimulus, slowly keep re-introducing the stimulus and eventually child will show interest. This is used with __ temperament.
a) easy
b) avoidant
c) difficult
d) slow-to-warm-up

A child sucking their thumb or cuddling with a special blanket when they are upset is an example of
a) emotional instability
b) self-regulation
c) difficult temperament
d) self-conscious emotions

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