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A short intermission which does not end a meeting is
a) a break
b) a recess
c) an adjournement

An incidental main motion
a) relates to the business of the assembly, or its past or future action
b) is incidental to the pending question
c) must be germane to the original main motion

All subsidiary motions can be applied to an
a) original or incidental main motion
b) original main motion only
c) incidental main motion only

A main motion is still within the control of the assembly after
a) rejection by a negative vote
b) it has been laid on the table
c) adoption

If it appears that a motion will require time or study to perfect, it would be appropriate for a member to make a motion to
a) Postpone Indefinitely
b) Commit
c) Postpone Definitely

When a main motion, an amendment and a motion to postpone the pending question to a certain time are pending, the first vote is taken on
a) the motion to Postpone to a Certain Time
b) the amendment
c) the main motion

The vote required to adopt the motion Limit or Extend Limits of Debate is
a) a majority vote
b) a two-thirds vote
c) the request or call of one member

In cases where the next session will not be held until after more than a quarterly time interval has elapsed, the only means by which a question can go over to another session is
a) referred to a committee
b) postponed to a certain time
c) laid on the table

An adjourned meeting is
a) one that has been dissolved
b) the one after lunch
c) a meeting in continuation of the session of the immediately preceding meeting

In organizations that hold regular business meetings throughout the year, the minutes of the annual meeting should be read and approved at the next
a) regular meeting
b) annual meeting
c) special meeting

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