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The following Americans provided what advantage during the Revolutionary War? John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington
a) Strong Leadership
b) Great wealth
c) Education
d) Food

What advantage did the colonists get after the victory at Saratoga?
a) additional support from France
b) a surplus of supplies
c) trained military leaders
d) a strong navy

Which of the following is not a benefit of fighting on your own land?
a) long distance from supplies and reinforcements
b) the support of the locals
c) knowledge of the terrain
d) supplies never too far away

What were the colonists defending that gave them an advantage over the British?
a) Their own land, principles, and beliefs.
b) Their own government, land, and homes.
c) Their own land, principles, and charities.
d) Nothing

What was a weakness of the colonial militias?
a) very little training
b) hurt by old, traditional military strategies
c) fighting in unfamiliar and hostile land
d) distanced from supplies and reinforcements

What was NOT a strength of the British military?
a) abundance of experienced generals
b) a large navy
c) well-equiped and disciplined troops
d) soldiers skilled in hit and run warfare

Which of the following was NOT a strength of the Continental Army?
a) great leaders like George Washington
b) soldiers skilled in hit and run warfare
c) defending their own principles and beliefs
d) well-equpied, disciplined troops

Which of the following was a strength of Britain?
a) Experienced generals
b) Leaders like George Washington
c) fighting for their beliefs and principles
d) support from countries like France and Spain

Which of the following was NOT a weakness of the Colonial army?
a) Soldiers unused to military discipline
b) practically no navy
c) short-term enlistments of soldiers leads to continuous turnover
d) distanced from supplies and reinforcements

Which of the following was NOt a weakness of the British?
a) practically no navy
b) could not adapt to new military tactics used by their enemy
c) fighting in unfamiliar, hostile land
d) far away from orders, supplies, and reinforcements

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