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When the privileged motion to Adjourn is pending, the motion to
a) Lay on the Table is in order
b) Limit or Extend Limits of Debate is in order
c) Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn is in order

When a motion to Recess is made while another motion is pending, it is
a) a privileged motion
b) an incidental main motion
c) an incidental motion

The effect of the adoption of the motion to Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn is to establish
a) a special meeting
b) a regular meeting
c) an adjourned meeting

Incidental motions
a) usually deal with questions of procedure arising out of another pending motion
b) are not in order wheen another has the floor
c) have rank

Most incidental motions
a) are debatable
b) are not debatable
c) need not be seconded

If a member does not want an original main motion even discussed at a meeting, he/she can
a) move to Postpone Indefinitely
b) raise an Objection to the Consideration of the Question
c) rise to a Qkuestion of Privilege

When a motion is made up of two parts capable of standing as separate questions, a member can
a) make a motion for Division of the Question
b) move to Amend the motion by striking out one of the parts
c) speak in debate against the question

A single member can require a
a) counted vote
b) standing vote
c) ballot vote

A request to be Excused from a Duty is
a) a privileged motion
b) a subsidiary motion
c) an incidental motion

To change what the assembly has adopted requires
a) something more than was necessary to adopt it in the first place
b) that the action take place before the end of the next regular meeting
c) previous notice and two-thirds vote

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