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All of the following are sources of Colonial dissatisfaction EXCEPT___
a) The colonies had no representation in Parliament
b) the colonies opposed taxes
c) the colonists could now vote for their governors
d) the Proclamation of 1763 slowed western movement of settlers

Parliament imposed taxes in order to ___
a) Pay off the debt created by the French and Indian War
b) remove British troops from the North American Continent
c) punish Americans for settling in the west
d) help King George III build a new palace

England taxed the colonists in order to___
a) increase colonial control in Parliament
b) remain a world power
c) punish the colonists for supporting France
d) win support from the colonists

Which of the following placed a tax on paper?
a) The Townshend Acts
b) The Sugar Act
c) The Patriot Act
d) The Stamp Act

British soldiers could not tolerate being taunted by the Boston mobs and fired on them. What was this event called by some colonists?
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Boston Massacre
c) Battle of Bunker Hill
d) Shot Heard 'Round the World

When did delegates decide to boycott all British goods, urge colonies to trade militias, and stop exporting to Britain?
a) Constitutional Convention
b) First Continental Congress
c) Signing of the Treaty of Paris of 1783
d) The Virginia Convention

In addition to financing the French and Indian War, what reason did Great Britain tax the colonies?
a) to pay for a new war with Spain
b) to expand the colonies west
c) to maintain British troops in the colonies
d) to purchase foreign goods

Which two countries fought in the French and Indian War?
a) France and India
b) India and Britain
c) Britain and Spain
d) Britain and France

What was the reason behind the French and Indian War?
a) French settlers were invaiding British territory
b) Britain's desire to remain a world power
c) Indians were terrorizing French citizens
d) The French and the Indians had a falling out over the fur trade

Which best describes the local governments in the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War
a) The colonial legislators had total control
b) The colonial governor was chosen by the people to take charge
c) The colonial legislators had little control; the governor (picked by the King) had ultimate control
d) The governor would write laws, but the colonial legislative body could repeal any unjust law

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