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Virginia constitution distributes power among the legislative, ________, and judicial branches of the state government.
a) Executive (President)
b) Exectutive (Mr. Goad)
c) Executive (Mayor)
d) Executive (Governor)

The state legislative branch in Virginia is the Virginia ___________.
a) General Assembly
b) City Council
c) Town Council
d) Board of Supervisors

The General Assembly is a two chamber or _______ legislature.
a) Bicameral
b) Biannual
c) Bilingual
d) Bilateral

The Governor is elected for a term of ___ years.
a) 3
b) 4
c) 8
d) 2

Who overseas specific functions of government?
a) Attorney General
b) Supreme Court
c) Cabinet Members
d) The Lieutenant Governor

The governor appoints __________ members to oversea specific funcitons of the government.
a) Cabinet
b) Dresser
c) Shelves
d) Drawer

Which of the following is NOT one of the levels of courts in Virginia?
a) Supreme Court
b) Court of Appeals
c) School Court
d) District Court

The two other executive branch officers who are elected for four year terms are?
a) Attorney General & Lieutenant Governor
b) Attorney Governor & Lieutenant General
c) Vice President & Secretary of State
d) Vice President & Speaker of the House

The highest court in Virginia is the _____________ Court.
a) Circut
b) Small Claims
c) Supreme
d) District

If you broke the law at your age (under 18 years old) what court would you have to appear in?
a) Juvenile Court
b) Supreme Court
c) Circuit Court
d) Court of Appeals

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