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What is a major problem with the timber industry?
a) clear cutting
b) acid rain
c) pollution
d) nothing

What is one problem with mining?
a) slag
b) acid rain
c) pollution
d) nothing

The first Canadian-American plan to clean the Great Lakes was to reduce which chemical?
a) phosphorus
b) fertilizer
c) oil
d) detergent

What is the government doing to help with the timber problems in Canada?
a) planting seeds and seedlings
b) buying trees from other countries
c) nothing

Which people are likely to be against the Great lakes Water Quality Treatment Agreement?
a) factories
b) fishermen
c) homeowners

Why does the Canadian-American government have to work with the U.S. governmetn to clean up the Great Lakes?
a) they share the lakes
b) they have two different types of pollution
c) animals and plants are there

Rain mixes with which substances to become acidic?
a) sulfur dioxide
b) oxygen
c) hydrogen
d) acid

Where in Canada are the most valuable minerals found?
a) Canadian Shield
b) Golden Horseshoe
c) Hudson Bay
d) St. Lawrence River

Which are sources of chemicals in acid rain?
a) coal-burning factories
b) walkers
c) bicycles
d) forests

What is slag?
a) leftover rocks
b) a type of diamond
c) the bottom of the mountain
d) the middle of the river

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