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The leading tone triad is...
a) always major.
b) always minor.
c) always diminshed.
d) always augmented.

The supertonic triad is built on scale degree...
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 5

In a major key, the following chords are always major...
a) supertonic, leading tone, tonic
b) mediant, submediant, subdominant
c) tonic, supertonic, subtonic
d) tonic, subdominant, dominant

In a minor key the following triads are always minor
a) tonic, subdominant
b) tonic, dominant
c) tonic, supertonic
d) tonic, mediant

The augmented triad appears under the following conditions...
a) major scale, built on the seventh scale degree
b) natural minor scale, built on the third scale degree
c) natural minor scale, built on the seventh scale degree
d) harmonic minor scale, built on the third scale degree

I am getting tired of creating these questions because...
a) it is late at night and I just want to go to bed
b) my children are screaming at each other and I can't turn them off
c) I would rather be watching a movie
d) all of the above

Now this is getting tiresome
a) I really just wanted to test this out
b) this is taking much longer than I expected
c) I am running out of ideas from the top of my head
d) if you use this creator, think ahead

How many more do I have to do?
a) This is crazy
b) Can I go now?
c) Are we there yet?
d) i don't want to go to bed

Even random thoughts are eluding me now
a) OK, just choose #1 for all of these
b) just get it over with
c) guessing is sound test taking strategy
d) at least you don't have to color in the bubbles

Last one!
a) major
b) minor
c) augmented
d) diminished

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