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Principles Of Technology Unit 3: Rate Subunit 3: Electrical Systems Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following is a unit for electrical charge?
a) ampere
b) volt
c) coulomb
d) watt

This device controls the flow of electrical current to prevent overheating.
a) ammeter
b) breaker panel
c) flowmeter
d) analog panel

Charge divided by time is called
a) electrical resistance.
b) heat-flow rate.
c) voltage.
d) current.

What do we call a continuous path for charge to flow?
a) conductor
b) insulator
c) short circuit
d) radian

Batteries and solar cells produced what type of current?
a) direct
b) alternating
c) series
d) parallel

Power companies use this type of current because it is cheaper to move over long distances.
a) alternating
b) direct
c) series
d) parallel

Ammeters measure current while ____ measure voltage.
a) voltmeters
b) ammeters
c) ohmeters
d) hyrometers

Where should a voltmeter be placed within a circuit?
a) parallel to the load
b) between to power source and the load
c) in series with the power source and the control element
d) does not matter

If a wave has 240 cycles in 4 seconds, what is its frequency?
a) 240 cycles + 4 seconds
b) 240 cycles - 4 seconds
c) 240 cycles * 4 seconds
d) 240 cycles / 4 seconds

Which units measure electrical frequency?
a) cycles per second; hertz
b) cycles per second; coulomb
c) hertz; coulomb
d) hertz; amperes

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