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Dividing power between the levels of government is known as___________.
a) federalism
b) separation of powers
c) checks and balances
d) rule of law

Which level of government is supreme?
a) national
b) state
c) local
d) county

Which of the following is not a power of the national level?
a) issuing licenses
b) creating an army
c) conducting foreign policy
d) printing money

Powers not given to the national government are set aside for the states. These powers are known as___.
a) reserved powers
b) expressed powers
c) enumerated powers
d) concurrent powers

The powers to print money and create an army are listed in the U.S. Constitution. These are known as ____.
a) expressed powers
b) reserved powers
c) implied powers
d) concurrent powers

Which of the following is not a responsiblity of state and local government?
a) print money
b) educate children
c) provide services
d) promote health and safety

Where does local government get its powers from?
a) the state level
b) the national level
c) the local level
d) the federal level

Which of the following answer choices are units of local government?
a) cities, counties and towns
b) states, nations and countries
c) counties, counties and nations
d) cities, towns and nations

Which fundamental principle is federalism an example of?
a) limited government
b) rule of law
c) democracy
d) judicial review

Powers shared by the state and national levels are known as ____.
a) concurrent powers
b) expressed powers
c) reserved powers
d) denied powers

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