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The capacity or power to do work
a) fuel cell
b) energy
c) kinetic energy
d) fusion

A renewable source of energy
a) hydro-electric
b) coal
c) oil
d) natural gas

disadvantage of solar cell power
a) clean source of power
b) burning causes environmental problems in the atmoshphere
c) renewable
d) now power on cloudy days

The three ingredients for creating electricity are:
a) magnets,copper wire,spinning movement
b) sunlight,water,wind
c) coal,oil,natural gas
d) power plant, energy source, conductors

A coal fired plant:
a) burns coal, to turn a turbine, to create steam, to magnets past copper wires, to create power
b) uses hydroelecticity
c) uses photovoltaics
d) burns coal, to create steam, to turn a turbine, to turn magnets past copper wires, to create power

Advantage of burning biomass
a) non-renewable
b) helps keep forests healthy
c) good for the atmoshpere
d) good in desert areas

Hydro electricity is a renewable source of energy (T/F)
a) True
b) False

Which power generating source does not involve a spinning motion?
a) wind
b) hydro
c) solar
d) nuclear

Nuclear fusion
a) involves the splitting of larger atoms into smaller atoms
b) happens in nuclear power plants
c) involves joining of two smaller atoms into a bigger atom
d) does not happen in the sun

why keep burning coal?
a) cheaper
b) clean
c) renewable
d) kinnetic

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