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to insert a screenshot, you must click and drag the selection of the shot you want, then go to the insert tab in word
a) false
b) true

changing the appearance of text and graphics is called
a) formatting
b) altering
c) painting
d) visualizing

The format painter tool looks like a
a) paintbrush
b) eraser
c) scissors
d) pencil

which of the following is not a formatting change?
a) paste
b) bold
c) italics
d) alignment

Word uses live preview to allow you to see what a font would look like in your document without actually changing it
a) true
b) false

the alignment buttons are found under the _________ tab
a) home
b) paragraph
c) page layout
d) insert

simply clicking on a word without selecting it will allow you to then make formatting changes to that word
a) true
b) false

if you wanted to copy the format of your report title to the headings of each of your paragraphs, you would use this tool
a) format painter
b) clear formatting
c) paster
d) show/hide button

if you want to add another bullet to your bulleted list, simply click this button on the keyboard
a) enter
b) delete
c) backspace
d) shift+B

to remove bullets from a bulleted list, select the list and click
a) bulleted list button
b) numbered list button
c) backspace
d) increase indent

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