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Principles Of Technology Unit 3 Rate Subunit 2 Fluid Systems Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

_____ rate is the mass of the fluid moving past a given cross-sectional area in a given time.
a) Fluid flow
b) Mass flow
c) Fluid resistance
d) Mass resistance

Fluid-flow rate is the volume or mass of fluid moved ....
a) multiplied by the time it takes to move it.
b) divided by the time it takes to move it.
c) subtracted by the time it takes to move it.
d) added by the time it takes to move it.

What happens to flow rate when a compressed fluid flows through a pipe or hose?
a) increases
b) decreases
c) remains the same
d) stops all together

Fluid rate doen't depend on....
a) volume
b) pressure
c) distance
d) speed

The symbol for mass flow rate is
a) I
b) m
c) Qm
d) t

The correct equation for volume flow rate is
a) V/t.
b) V x t.
c) V - t.
d) t/V.

Which is not a unit for volume flow rate?
a) gal/min
b) ft3/sec
c) ft/hr
d) m3/sec

Which symbol represents volume flow rate?
a) Qm
b) t
c) v
d) Qv

Qm is the symbol for which of the following?
a) mass flow rate
b) mass of the fluid moved
c) time of movement
d) distance fluid moved

Fluid flow rate can be determined
a) directly (with instruments)
b) indirectly (with instruments)
c) directly with instruments and indirectly with calculations
d) indirectly with instruments and directly with calculations

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