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If heat is added, matter will change states in the following order:
a) liquid-solid-gas
b) solid-liquid-gas
c) gas-liquid-solid
d) gas-solid-liquid

The molecules of a gas are most likely to be packed -
a) lightly and far apart from each other
b) tightly and right next to each other
c) tightly, but slips past each other freely
d) by UPS and sent next-day air.

If a substance in the gas phase loses heat energy, it changes into a liquid. This change in phase is called -
a) vaporization
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) sublimation

The temperature at which a substance changes from the liquid phase to the solid phase is called -
a) melting point
b) freezing point
c) solidification temperatures
d) vaporization point

Solar energy travels to the Earth through -
a) conduction waves
b) ultrasonic waves
c) radiation waves
d) convection waves

The method of heat transfer occurring in boiling water INSIDE a pot is -
a) fission
b) convection
c) conduction
d) radiation

As thermal (heat) energy is removed, molecules are arranged -
a) tightly - free flowing - lightly, away from each other
b) free flowing - tightly - lightly, away from each other
c) lightly, away from each other - free flowing, like water - tightly, like ice
d) most expensive - affordable - cheapest

When frequency decreases, wavelengths -
a) stay the same
b) decrease
c) increase
d) double

When wavelengths increase, frequencies
a) stay the same
b) decrease
c) increase
d) double

When a section of a wavelength is packed tightly together, it's called -
a) compression
b) raretraction
c) amplitude
d) wavelength

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