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Which is not a way proykaryotes are identified?
a) shape
b) chemical nature of cell wall
c) reproduction
d) the way they obtain energy

When treated with Gram-stain, gram-positive eubacteria appear....
a) orange
b) purple
c) light red
d) pink

Eubacteria & archaebacteria differ in the make-up of their...
a) cytopplasm
b) shape
c) enviornments
d) cell wall

Where are you likely to find a photoautotroph?
a) underground
b) near the serface of the ocean
c) hot springs
d) deep in swamps

Which is not a step in lytic infeaction
a) burst to infect other cells
b) makes copies of itself
c) integrates its DNA
d) virus enters the cell

In the environment bacteria can carry out __________________ if they are autotrophs, they ________________ nutrients, and carry out _________________ fixation.
a) Q
b) Q
c) Q
d) Q

Bacteria are sometimes called nature’s recyclers because they break down nutrients in _____________ matter.
a) Q
b) Q
c) Q
d) Q

Nitrogen fixation occurs on what type of plants? where on plants?
a) Q
b) Q
c) Q
d) Q

Which is not a shape of a prokaryote
a) bacilli
b) cocci
c) bacteriophage
d) spirilla

Bacteria that cause disease...
a) Q
b) Q
c) Q
d) Q

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